What’s my damage? My damage is that I have been walked on so much that I am genuinely surprised when I look in the mirror and see that my flesh is not made out of carpet. My damage is that I am concerned that the people who touch me might get rug burn. My damage is that I was fourteen when he slapped me across the face and that I was the one to say I was sorry. My fucking damage is that I can still feel the sting whenever anybody raises their hands to me, even if it’s for a high five or a hug. My damage is that I have been called so many names in my life time that I have to look at my birth certificate to be sure I’m not Slut on the dotted line, that I’m not the embodiment of the Whore-shaped scar scraped into my ankle. My damage is that I don’t know how to have sex without crying now and my damage is that I’m terrified that the person I love to death will take it personally. My damage is that my skin feels like a prison and I have spent years trying to pry the bars apart. My damage is that whenever I am out in public, I immediately look for the easiest way to escape. My damage is that I don’t believe I am equally as important with my clothes on. My damage is that most of the time I feel like wet grass between someone’s toes as they stare at my back instead of watching out for it. My damage is that I pick at the ends of my hair because it feels like not even strands of me care enough to stay together. My damage is that I don’t know how to accept compliments without shaking my head, no matter what my mouth is saying. My damage is that each time I have been slapped, poked at, punched, hit, or slammed against fridge doors, I have always heard the words “if you hadn’t…” and I have been reminded by every single person that had touched me as such that my pain matters less than their pride. My damage is that, at seventeen, I still can’t sleep with my bedroom door open. My damage is that I have suicide notes folded in with my socks. My damage is that every time I go to bed, I still wrap myself around your sweater even though it doesn’t even fucking smell like you any more.

My damage by k.p.k

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Former Homeless Man Helps The Homeless - Video

One love.



brb crying

i am truly crying

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